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#reacting to the challenges faced by users and developing solutions with the help of #php, #node, #mysql so that users can #vue the applications as intended
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There is m number of programming languages currently being used by programmers around the world and many new programming languages are being developed. Apart from this there an n number of frameworks and libraries for all these languages. Everyone will have their own set of choices when it comes to programming. But, irrespective of the programming languages you choose, the path to becoming a good (great) programmer is the same. I have shared 5 ways to improve your programming skills.

1. Build Projects

Whatever language you choose whether it’s JAVA, Python, JavaScript, or any other programming language, the first thing which you need…

These are the extensions I use every day for my work. These extensions will surely help a developer in their day-to-day work too.

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While programming, we often need extensions which will make our job a bit easier and more importantly faster. There are thousands of extensions available for VS Code and many new extensions keep adding up to the VS Code marketplace.

Here, I have included the 10 best VS Code extensions which I use in my day to day work and most of these extensions can be used by developers of all languages.

1. GitLens

This is a powerful extension which will help you to visualize the code changes from within the VS Code itself. This will let you know when was a line…

For every few years let’s say for every 15–20 years a new trend will be in the market and will be replaced by a new trend. Though I will be considering only Indian sub-continent here, these types of trends are pretty common around the world.

A few years ago it was IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) trend. Every parent wished and made it their only dream to give everything for their children to succeed in getting into IITs.

And now there is this Coding trend going on. By looking at the advertisements on various platforms and by looking at all…

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Before we dive into debugging and the types of errors aka bugs in a computer program, first we will see what actually a bug is.

Have you heard of errors (bugs) in programming?

A bug is an error or flaw in a computer program due to which the program may produce incorrect results or to behave in unintended ways or may not even execute at all.

While programming every programmer with good intentions will try to write a program which can run as expected without any errors. But, in this process of creating a bug-free (error free) programs, we unintentionally introduce bugs into the program.

There is no…

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In a program, many times we want to compare whether two values are same or not.

In JavaScript, we can check if two values are equal or not in mainly two different ways. They are:

  • Equality (==)
  • Strict Equality (===)

Equality (==):

Equality operator will first perform type conversion by converting two values into same type and then will compare those two values. If the two values are equal then it will return true otherwise it will return false.

Strict Equality (===):

Strict Equality operator will not perform type conversion. It will check whether the two values are of same value and of same type…

Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. Git is used by developers daily across the globe. Though there are many commands in Git, not all those commands will be used in daily work.

I have listed down some of the most commonly used Git commands.

Before you can use Git commands you need to have a repository to work with. There are mainly two ways of creating a Git repository.

  • By creating a new Git repository using git init
  • By cloning an existing Git repository using git clone

1. Git init

Git init will…

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