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  • The first round went smoothly. The interviewer first introduced himself and then my introduction.
  • The interview consisted of questions about my educational background, my professional experience, and the projects I have worked on so far.
  • Nothing different you think? Well, tell me about yourself and the immediate questions may seem like general and the easiest ones, yes they are but they also can give some boost to your confidence level (more about it in a separate post 😉😀).
  • Then there were questions about involving my tech stack and they included DSA. I don’t remember the exact questions now, but overall the interview went as I prepared for and my wait to receive an update from HR has started immediately right after the interview 😅.
  • I received a call from HR about a week after the first round and I was being informed that I cleared the interview and that they would like to schedule an interview for the second round 😀.
  • The second round was scheduled in the middle of the week, and I had 2 days to prepare for it.
  • I felt that I shouldn’t put my work aside to prepare for the interview, so I prepared for it in the nights, after I was done with my regular work.
  • The interview was scheduled in the afternoon, and that was something that I didn’t think of while scheduling the interview.
  • The second round started with the basic intro questions and then questions involving my tech stack.
  • Then the DSA section started with basic DSA and then went into a bit more depth. Questions were not too tough, but don’t know I wasn’t 100% sure while approaching certain questions.
  • Don’t remember the exact questions but after the interview, when I went through the questions immediately & quietly, I realized that I might not move to the next round 😐.
  • Plan your interviews wisely
  • Prepare for your interviews (you might be a team lead, but still prepare)
  • Evaluate your performance right after the interview




#reacting to the challenges faced by users and developing solutions with the help of #php, #node, #mysql so that users can #vue the applications as intended

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Rajesh Chittampally

Rajesh Chittampally

#reacting to the challenges faced by users and developing solutions with the help of #php, #node, #mysql so that users can #vue the applications as intended

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